Wireless Failover

Protect Your Business from Network Downtime, Loss and Disruption

Wireless Failover Solution

Has your business ever lost Internet connectivity?  Internet disruption can affect your phones, email, business transactions, customer service, and profitability. Your business is at risk of downtime, disruption, and loss of revenue if you rely on one hard-wired router as a single point of failure.  Upgrading to a more robust wired connection is costly and still at risk to outages and service disruptions. No matter how good your Internet Service Provider is, service disruption is inevitable without failover protection.

Intervista provides 4G LTE failover technology for always-on, cost-effective protection. Our wireless backup solution maintains your Internet connection if your provider’s circuit fails, for any reason – severe weather, cable damage, downed telephone lines, etc. Wireless failover protection automatically detects issues with your primary connection and provides 4G LTE network connectivity to avoid services interruptions for an affordable price.

Key Benefits

  • LTE wireless WAN failover
  • Simple, scalable and quick deployment
  • Ease of management
  • Cost-effective redundancy
  • Enterprise-class reliability
  • Ability to merge with existing security architecture
  • Real-time monitoring of data usage, load-balancing, pro-active usage alerts

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