Use free guest WiFi and automation to help you connect with customers

The IVN Smart WiFi Difference


Get to know your customer better

Getting to know your customers is difficult, but with IVN SmartWiFi, we help hundreds of companies know their customer’s email, social, demographic info, and visit behavior. And it all happens automatically through your new branded login portal.


Connect with actual customers

With IVN SmartWiFi Messages, you build a real connection with your customers, sending messages based on who they are. First time customer? Welcome them and invite them back. Haven’t seen a customer for a while? Send them a special reason to come back.

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Improve your online reputation

IVN SmartWiFi lets you manage your reputation in real time. You can point happy customers to popular review sites while interacting personally with anyone who may have had a bad experience. We help you contact them before they post a negative review.

Want To Turn Casual Customers Into Regulars?


We’ve identified 6 strategies every brick and mortar business should be using. These strategies will help you:

  • Get to Know Your Audience
  • Learning How to Create a Memorable Experience
  • How to Stay Top of Mind
  • Build an authentic engaged community

Discover How IVN Smart WiFi Will Enhance Your Business

Supercharge Your Business Growth

Compared to businesses that solely use traditional marketing methods or rely on social advertising platforms Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google, or Pinterest, businesses using IVN Smart WiFi grow 65% faster. So let’s get started growing yours.

Who Should Become an IVN Smart Wifi Customer?

Connecting and engaging customers is challenging for offline businesses, but at IVN Smart WiFi we help businesses connect and engage with actual customers – increasing their revenue and customer loyalty.

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Restaurants, Cafes, and Coffee Shops


Food Markets

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Sports & Entertainment Venues, Gyms


Auto Dealer / Broker, Car Wash


Bars, Lounges, Clubs

agsdix-fas fa-hotel

Hotel, Lodging, Resorts

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Shopping Centers, Malls, Retail


Golf Courses, Driving Ranges

and many more!

Success you can see

With your own portal, you can see exactly how well your marketing is working by calculating your Walk-Through-Rate™ – how many customers respond to your messages by physically walking through your doors. Here, you can also monitor up-to-the-minute information about your customer.

Use pre-designed templates to create professional looking emails and SMS blasts to the right customer by targeting groups based on age, gender, location, frequency, and more. Automatically send personalized, behavior-based messages to first-timers, repeat customers, “lost” customers and more.

Via Smart Messages, you can automatically send personalized, behavior-based messages to first-timers, repeat customers, “lost” customers and more.

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