The transition to the cloud has never been easier with IVN SIP Trunking

What is SIP?

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) allows you to gain more control of your communications services and maximize the investment of your PBX business phone system.  SIP trunking enables simultaneous calls over a single phone line and also supports Unified Communications options, such as video conferencing.  With SIP’s flexibility, it is rapidly becoming business standard.  SIP connections are sold per call path, and only one SIP trunk is required to handle all of the simultaneous calls a user wants to make, as long as bandwidth is sufficient.  SIP trunks work with Direct Inward Dialing (DID) phone numbers and can use local, out-of-area, and toll-free numbers.

Why SIP?


Reduce your telephony costs in minutes and deliver a higher standard of service to your business by replacing traditional phone lines with IVN SIP Trunking. Save thousands off your phone bill with lower rates for local and long distance, and simplify your communications into a single data connection. Start saving today with the most viable means to keep your business better connected and lower your telephony costs.

  • Reduce Your Telephony Costs Instantly
  • Low monthly rates, per channel or per minute
  • Combine voice and data to one network
  • Pay only for trunks you need
  • Reduce hardware costs associated with traditional channels
  • Connect to existing legacy systems

End-to-end connectivity with IVN products

Developed and deployed by Intervista Networking, IVN SIP Trunking gives your company the ability to offer an end-to-end solution under one support umbrella.  From the dollar savings of SIP trunks, to the powerful UC benefits of Switchvox, to the high quality and feature-rich Digium IP Phones, Intervista Networking provides the total communications solution for your organization.


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Channel of VoIP Service

1 Year Contract – $19.95/mo.

2 Year Contract – $17.95/mo.

3 Year Contract – $15.95/mo.

Plan Features

  • No set-up fees.
  • Unlimited inbound and outbound local and long distance minutes per channel.
  • Fixed phone bill based on a per channel (or concurrent calls) basis.
  • Easily add or remove channels as business needs warrant.

Customize Your Service

IVN VoiceStream offers competitively low SIP trunk pricing rates.

IVN Numbers

Local VoIP DID with E911 support

Select a number from the inventory, or request a number in any area code. E911 associates a physical address with a DID.*


Local VoIP DID without E911 support

Select a number from the inventory, or request a number in any area code.


Number Port for Local VoIP DID

Keep your existing business presence by transferring your current number.

$1.00 per number

Toll Free VoIP Phone Number

Select from 800, 844, 855, 866, 877 and 888.


Change of Responsible Organization (RespOrgs) for Toll Free Number (per number)

Keep your existing number.

$10.00 per number

No set up fees.
*One E911 number required per location.

IVN Usage

VoIP Extended Areas Minutes

Rated per minute

International VoIP Minutes

Rated per minute

Toll Free Minutes

$.015 per minute

No set up fees.

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