10 Reasons SMBs are Moving Phones to the Cloud

Cloud, or hosted, business phone solutions have become the widespread alternative to on-premises phone systems and are proving to offer a competitive advantage for small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) especially. Here we look at 10 popular reasons SMBs are moving their phone systems to the cloud…

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9 Questions to Ask Before You Upgrade Your Phone System

Buying the correct phone system can make a difference to the success of your business in the next 5-10 years. Choosing the right system could mean hiring less staff, winning more contracts, worrying less about disasters and yes, saving you money. Take the time to find answers to the 9 key questions…

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Unmask Hidden Phone System Costs with These Must Ask Questions

In your search for a new phone system, you may hear conflicting information about costs and return on investment of premises-based PBX systems vs. cloud-based systems.  The following questions can serve as a guide during your search for a new phone system to ensure you get the full picture of all associated costs.

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Is It Time to Bid Adieu to Your PBX?

As your current PBX solution is becoming older, you tire from the expensive cost of maintenance and support and from the difficulty of making any changes. Older systems also do not support modern access types, such as SIP…

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Can Your Business Support the New Workplace Reality

If you’ve been following workplace trends over the past five years, one significant change is impossible to miss: work is an activity that we do, not a place where we go. Gone are the days when the vast majority of employees made the daily commute to a corporate office, sharing…

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